How to Download All Photos from Google Photos

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Thanks to this tutorial you will easily understand how to download all photos from Google Photos. Here is how and what to do.

Thanks to our tips and this guide you will understand how to download all photos from Google Photos in a simple, fast and above all practical way. Thank you for visiting and welcome on, the portal with many tutorials dedicated to Telephony, Internet and Technology in general.

Here is the guide to Download All Photos from Google Photos
Alessandro, a user who follows us passionately and daily, has emailed us a simple tutorial that shows him how to download all the photos stored in Google Photos to the computer.

In fact, downloading photos from Google Photos is easy and it can be particularly useful when we want to have a copy of the photos we have in the Google Cloud on the computer. Thanks to our help and service provided by Google, you can download photos quickly. Let's find out immediately how to do it.

How to Download All Photos from Google Photos

The service provided by Google is Google Takeout, which allows you to download not only photos to your computer, but also download many other services, such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Contacts and many more.

In this particular case, we will deal with Google Photos, and then we can only select the download of this service, but if we want to extend the download to all of the data we have on Google we can leave all active services and all unaltered button.

Let's go then on Google Takeout and click on Google Photos. From here we can choose whether to download all the albums or a specific album.

How to Download All Photos from Google Photos

Then select the option that interests us and then click on Next at the bottom of the page. All album photos will be downloaded in Zip format.


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