How to Remove Applications or Services Connected to your Facebook account

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With this short guide you will be able to understand quickly and easily how to delete an application from Facebook. We immediately know what to do.

With our lines and this guide you will be able to eliminate an application from Facebook quickly and easily. Thank you for visiting and welcome on, the site with many guides dedicated to Facebook, Telephony, Internet and Technology.

All you need to know about Eliminating Applications and Services from Facebook
Paride, our passionate user, contacted us by asking us an effective method to delete a web service from Facebook. In practice, it is logging on to a site to access a particular service using the Facebook connection, but now wants to delete it from the list of subscriptions made. And it is for this problem that you want to find a solution that can put it in practice and in a simple way.

How to Delete an App from Facebook

Register on web services without entering the fields as your name or password, but quickly signing up for Facebook, Google+ or Twitter has become a habit.

For example, in the guide How to Revoke the Access to Sites and Applications on Twitter, we've seen how to quickly delete web services and apps from Twitter account. In this guide we'll see how to do both on PC and Smartphone on Facebook.

How to Revoke Services and Applications Permissions on Facebook from Computer

We launch the browser and login to our Facebook account. From here, click the down arrow on the top right and then click on the 'Settings' menu.

Now click on App in the left menu to access the list and apps that we have previously authorized.

From here we can eliminate those unwanted ones quickly.

How to Revoke Services and Applications Permissions on Facebook from Smartphone

We launch the Facebook app on the Smartphone, so let's go to 'Account settings' and then tap on 'App'.

All we have to do is tap up 'Login with Facebook' to have the list of all apps. Then select the unwanted ones and finally confirm with a tap by pressing the key 'Remove Application'.


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