How to Search People, Places, and Objects in Google Photos

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Not everyone knows that you can easily search and easily find photos in Google Photos through People, Places, and Objects. Here's how to do it.

We find out how to easily and quickly find photos of our interest within Google Photos, through targeted searches for Places, Objects, and even people. Here's how to do it. Welcome to and have a good day.

Google Photos - Search People, Places, and Objects
When we insert thousands of photos into Google Photos, the Google cloud service that helps us keep the photos, especially those made by the Smartphone, certainly one of the seemingly more complicated things is to search and find specific photos.

In fact, thanks to Google's technology, it's quite easy, as you can find photos by focusing on people, objects, or places.

How Photos Search works on Google Photos

Google Photos can automatically organize your uploaded photos by location and by date. Also, using advanced image recognition along with a large Google Property Information Database, you can easily recognize the objects inside the photos.

In fact, you can search for anything in the photos: a wedding you've been to, photos you made during your holidays, photos of your pets, food, and much more.

Click on the search icon and in the box type what you want to find, such as food, cars, animals and finally click on 'Enter' or 'Search'.

You will find all the photos that match the search you made.


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