How to Understand If Your Friend has blocked you on Facebook

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With our guide and this tutorial, you will be able to see in a practical way if someone has blocked you on Facebook. That is what we need to do.

Thanks to our tips and this brief guide you can see if someone has blocked you on Facebook quickly and without any problem. Thank you for your visit and welcome on, the site with thousands of guides dedicated to Facebook, Telephony, Internet, Computer Science and any technology in a more generic way.

Discover How to Understand If someone has blocked you on Facebook
Emanuele, a user who follows us with passion and daily, has contacted us via email because he wants to know if it has been blocked by Facebook by a person. That is why he asked us for help in finding a solution that is easy to implement and put into practice right away..

How to Find out If someone has blocked you on Facebook

In this case there is no standard method, but you can figure out if someone has blocked us through a series of methods, which put together, can help us to achieve the desired result.

For example, we can search Facebook by typing in the name of the person we think has blocked us. If the name is not shown in Facebook's search results, it may mean that it has blocked us, but it may also be that it has set privacy restrictions.

An alternative method is to search Google. For example, by writing in the search engine 'Facebook Person Name' and the account is displayed on Google, but clicking on it does not allow us to view it on Facebook, then it is very likely that it has blocked us.

Finally, we can try to contact you with other systems, for example via email or another social network. If, for example, you don't answer us by email or on another social site, this person probably doesn't want to deal with us.

These are more or less the tools available. If there are other possibilities or more effective methods in the future, we will update this page and give more concrete help to those who are looking for a solution to this problem.


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