How to Make a Secure Copy of Programs Installed in Windows

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With our help and this utility you can safely secure your programs to run a future Windows installation. Here's how to do it.

We learn how to back up software installed on Windows to be able to restore them when a new Microsoft operating system is installed. Welcome to and good reading.

How to BackUp Your Applications Installed in Windows
One of the most tedious things to do after installing from scratch Windows is definitely to have to reinstall from the scratch all the programs, applications, or software that you use frequently.

A remarkable job that takes a lot of time and directly proportional to how many programs they had previously installed. Undoubtedly, it's a waste of time, far more than you need to install the operating system.

Things have changed in Windows 10, because through a set of tools made available by the same operating system, you can make a copy of your data and software installed easily and safely.

However the same thing can not be said for earlier versions of Windows 10, but fortunately it is a solution there and it is also easy to put into practice.

This is CloneApp, a utility that's right for backups of all applications installed on your computer, including activation licenses, settings, configurations, and customizations for each single software.

How It Works CloneApp

The first thing to do is download it following this link:

CloneApp Download

CloneApp is also available in Portable version, a convenient version from which you can run the program, without installing it on Windows.

To complete the work, the CloneApp interface: It's nice, friendly and intuitive and thanks to this it's easy to use since its first launch.

It is therefore a very useful software, which if used regularly, allows you to retrieve installed applications on your computer without having to reinstall from scratch.

CloneApp - Video Tutorial

Here's a video tutorial showing how to use the program in practice, how to make backup copies, and how to recover it when needed.

CloneApp - Easily Backup & Restore Windows Programs Settings


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